Darth Maul Returns.

Darth Maul

Star Wars fans all over the galaxy were surprised when Darth Maul made his cameo in SOLO: A Star Wars Story. Darth Maul’s return in SOLO was definitely one of the many highlights in the movie. Thanks to Lucasfilm we are getting our first official look at Maul from the SOLO movie.

Darth Maul

After Darth Maul was cut in half by Obi Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace most fans thought the blow delivered to the Sith lord was fatal. But if you are a fan of the animated series The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, you learned that Maul survived the battle. When he reappeared in The Clone Wars we saw that his lower half of his body was replaced with robotics. He also survived by his hatred towards Obi Wan Kenobi. After Darth Maul returned in the animated series it left a lot of fans wondering if they would get to see Maul again on the big screen.

Will we  get more Darth Maul?

Darth Maul

Lucasfilm releases new pictures of Darth Maul.

Well Dath Maul fans got the surprise they were waiting for in the SOLO movie. We may have only got a quick upper body hologram of Maul. But it was enough to make us all start thinking. Was this cameo a hint of more Maul on the big screen as the leader of the Crimson Dawn? Unfortunately, we may never know due to the poor performance of SOLO in the box office. As of now there are no official announcements of a sequel for SOLO. It is a shame, the ending of SOLO could of lead into some great films to continue the SOLO story. So, for now we will have to wait and see if another movie is announced in the future. Or will they tell the story in other ways, such as a novel, comics, or an animated series?

Solo Blu-ray releases soon.

So, in honor of the SOLO: A Star Wars Movie releasing on Blu-Ray and Movies Anywhere, Lucasfilm, via Forbes released these full-length photos of Ray Park as Darth Maul with the robotic legs. If you haven’t seen SOLO yet or if you are like me and can’t wait to see it again. SOLO: A Star Wars Movie will be available digitally on September 14 and on Blu-ray September 25th. What do you think about the new images of Darth Maul? Do you think well will get more Maul in the future. Let us know by leaving your answers in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @starwarsnerd574.