Hollywood loves to play cloak and dagger with its projects. Makes life fun sometimes.  Some secret names and projects are known instantly.  Others manage to fly under the radar until they are ready to be  recognized.  Could a source close to IGN be correct in saying one of the newest misdirections by Netflix is an attempt to hide the return of the Thundercats!?

Michael Bay signed on to direct a movie earlier this year for Netflix.  The working title is Six Underground and was approved for a $150 million budget.  While average for Hollywood these days, that’s insanely large for Netflix.  The reported synopsis for this project is six billionaires fake their deaths to fight evil.  Signed on are Ryan Reynolds and Dave Franco amongst  others.  The writers are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who worked on both Deadpools.

The source, who initially reported Simon Pegg would be in The Force Awakens says this is all a cover up  to sneak Thundercats into production.  It seems a bit far fetched, yet at the same time there is a lot that lines up to make this believable.

See the source imageSo How Plausible Is it?

Michael Bay doing an 80’s franchise and bringing the cartoon to real life.  Given his work with both Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that would be a huge yes as well as right up his alley.  Plenty of action to be had, but a bit short on cars and military fighter jets on Third Earth.   Would he be the right one to due the franchise justice? That is a bit more debatable.  Transformers after the first two movies would be a no, and Turtles I thought was on point.  Many will debate that point though.

The title of this project, Six Underground, could fit the Thundercats.  Once they crash on Third Earth, there are six of them if you don’t count Snarf, which I would prefer not too.  Michael Bay would have him humping Cheetara’s leg half way through the movie. As far as the “Underground” that could easily be a reference to Mumra and his lair.

Reportedly signed onto this project with Reynolds and Franco are Melanie Laurent, Adria Arjona and Ben Hardy.  That would be most of the feline crew with the lone noticeable absence being someone for Wiley-Kat.  Melania would make a believable Cheetara and Adria could pass for a slightly older Wiley-Kit.

Production is slated for this fall so one way or another we should find out soon.  The Thundercats idea would be awesome!  Rumor has had one in production for years, and someone needs to correct the travesty that was the cancellation of the 2011 cartoon that was one of the greatest ever!