Just like Benedict Cumberbatch “wasn’t” Star Trek’s Khan, Jude Law is insisting that he’s not playing the original Captain Mar-Vell, training Carol Danvers to be the next Captain Marvel… but we all know he is. Well, fine Jude Law. If that is your real name… which it isn’t, cause you were born “David Jude Heyworth Law”… I’ll play your little game- let’s look at 5 Character’s Jude Law could be portraying beause he’s definitely, absolutely, without question NOT Captain Mar-Vell … WINK WINK.

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1) Yon-Rogg

Roggy to his friends, Yon is the Kree commander in the comics who caused the explosion that gives Carol Danvers her powers, turning her into the second Captain Marvel. He’s usually seen as a villain, but he’s also the original Captain Mar-Vell’s direct superior in the Kree military. Could be a good way make Carol the only Captain Marvel by uing Yon-Rogg a the catalyst and trainer and skipping Mar-Vell all together.

2) Rick Jones.

While primarily known as a Hulk side-kick, Rick Jones was literally linked to the original Captain Marvel for decades, sharing the same molecules. When Rick would clack his al Nega-Bands together he would trade places with Captain Mar-Vell, who was trapped in the Negative Zone. This would be a good for Jude Law to play the Captain Marvell card, without being a straight up liar.

3) Khn’nr, A Skrull Double Agent.

In 2008 Marvel Comics released “Secret Invasion”, a series where you found out that many of the heroes you love were actually undercover Skrull agents secretly living among humans preparing to take over the earth. Buckle in, this one is gonna get nutty. So, apparently, Mar-Vell died of cancer a ways back and Khn’nr replace him as a sleeper agent with fake memories. During the Secret Invasion he wakes up, but realizes he’s not a bad guy in his heart of hearts and fights with the humans to defeat the Skrulls and becomes the Warden of their jail in the Negative Zone. It’s a loooong way to go, but ya know. He’s “not” Captain Mar-Vell, so this is yet another way around that.

4) The Original (White) Nick Fury.

In the 616 Marvel Universe, Nick Fury is an semi-immortal white guy. This is very unlikely as a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson appears in the movie as the MCU’s Nick Fury, but just as unlikely as Jude Law NOT being Captain Mar-Vell.  So, unless they do some life saving, name stealing, life swapping shenanigans, I highly doubt this one. Although, it would be a nice nod to Guardians of the Galaxy as David Hasselhoff once played Nick Fury in a made for TV movie.

5) Mahr Vehl.

Full name, Geheneris Hala´son Mahr Vehl, easy to pronounce. The Marvel Cinematic universe is largely inspire by the “Ultimate” Marvel comics line and this is “Ultimate version of Captain Marvel in that universe, so, assuming Jude Law can pronounce the character’s full name, this a likely candidate.


6) Captain Mar-Velll.

This is an all-new character I just created with three L’s at the end of his name. He has all the powers and back story of Marvel’s Captain Mar-Vell, but allows Jude Law to not be a complete lair when saying he’s not Captain Mar-Vell. Because he is. And we all know it!!! Happy now JUDE!!!!! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!!