Star Wars fans love to show off their fandom. Doing so can be as simple and inexpensive as a three-dollar bumper sticker, or as expensive as thousands of dollars for screen-accurate cosplay. Not many of us can shell out those kind of credits, unfortunately. If you’re on a budget, however, then boy, have I got some good news for you. These are the Star Wars Gadgets you’re looking for, so don’t move along until you’ve checked them out.

Star Wars Gadgets

Need A USB charger? How about a book light? If you’re more on the handy side, then perhaps some Star Wars-themed tools will find their way into your online shopping bag. Whatever it is you (want) need, you can find Star Wars gadgets deeply discounted right now. There’s surely something to fit any budget.

Star Wars Gadgets Discounted up to 93% Off! was kind enough to compile a list of the Star Wars gadgets currently on sale over at Think Geek right now.

Among them are the following:

Star Wars Gadgets

Think Geek has plenty of other offerings for the discerning fan in its regular collection of Star Wars Gadgets and paraphernalia as well, which you can also shop here. Keep in mind, the site offers free shipping on orders over $75.00, too.

Stepping aside from the gadgets…. If your budget is a little more flexible, and you’re the type to get into a Clark Griswald-esque battle of holiday decorations with your neighbors, then you definitely need this:

Star Wars Gadgets

Yes, that’s what you think it is. An eight-foot tall, inflatable, AT-M6 Gorilla Walker. Wearing a Santa Hat. It’s now back-ordered, but otherwise available at the Home Depot for $149.00.

Happy shopping, Star Wars fans!

Source: Comic Book