New York Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks, and Boom! Studios are going to bring Beyond The Grid to the Big Apple. They are hosting a panel that will be taking all about the post-Shattered Grid storyline.

IGN’s Executive TV Editor, Laura Prudom, will be moderating the panel. Also on the panel will be Kyle Higgins and Marguerite Bennett, who is the new writer for the Beyond The Grid series. They will be accompanied by artists Daniele Di Nicuolo and Simone De Meo, senior editor Dafna Pleban, and Hasbro’s Megan Ruggiero.

The panel will on Sunday, October 7th at 12:15 PM in panel room 1A24. And you can read the official panel description below:

“A new all-star team of Power Rangers has come together to face a new threat from BEYOND THE GRID! Join Marguerite Bennett (Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Kyle Higgins (Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of The Dragon), Daniele Di Nicuolo (Artist, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Simone Di Meo (Artist, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Dafna Pleban (Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios) and Megan Ruggiero (Publishing Manager, Hasbro Entertainment & Licensing) to discuss the future of the Power Rangers in comics…and reveal some surprises for every fan in attendance! Moderated by Laura Prudom (Executive TV Editor, IGN).”