Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s newest RPG (role-playing game) made for mobile gaming.  It released a new trailer that focuses on the game’s story and characters.  Nintendo developed Dragalia Lost with Cygames and will launch the game for iOS and Android on September 27th.


Dragalia Lost’s new trailer highlights its story and characters.  The game focuses on the bonds between humans and Dragons.  In the kingdom of Alberia, the royalty makes pacts with dragons to use their form and power in battle.  When the magic stone that protects the capital begins to lose power, the Seventh Prince, must go on his Dragon Selection Trial to save his people.


In Dragalia Lost players will battle with five different elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Light and Darkness.  Each element will have strengths and weaknesses against different opponents.  The most powerful attacks happen when a player takes on their dragon form.  The dragons come in five different classes based on the five elements.

Characters also have their own classes with Attack types and Healers being the main ones.  Besides the normal single-player campaign of gaining companions and going on side-quests, Dragalia Lost can also be played in multiplayer with up to four players.  In-game special events will also happen after its launch.


The game will first be released in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao on September 27th.  Other countries should receive the game shortly after.  Early launches are often used to fix problems with the game before a larger global release.  The development of Dragalia Lost was so top secret within Cygames that many of its employees did not know it was a collaboration with Nintendo.  The game already has more than 300,000 pre-registrations in Japan.