That’s how you say that, right? “Choked on the draft” not, “Choked AT the Draft?!” I guess it works either way. I mean, there’s no other way to interpret it.

Anyhoo… when we last left off, I was deep diving through the stats of various players and preparing for a draft less then 5 hours away. I opened up the mock draft program and played around with it a few times. I noticed that it was easy… like really really, really easy. Almost disappointingly so. There’s a list of every player ranked and people chose from this list (pretty much in order) by the positions they want. Usually the Wide Receivers and Running Backs went first, then the Quarter Backs. A few people would draft the QB’s after a round or two, and anyone that drafted them first got called a newbie. But I also noticed that the first one to go was almost always Tom Brady, someone who I felt was largely unreliable… but it gave me an idea.

I planned out my order and got my game face on.

The Draft started and when I completely fell apart.

I don’t know what happened, but for some unknown reason I grabbed Brady first. I didn’t want him first, I didn’t even want him at all, he was a pawn in a long game that I thought I’d grab after a few choice choices… but nope, the buzzer sounded on my turn as I casually sat there and all of sudden time sped up and slowed down like an episode of Castle Rock and my hand moved and clicked on Tom Brady as I screamed Nooooooooooooooo!!!

I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what’s going on and trying to refine my order and when I looked up it was my turn again. Calmly and coolly, I refined the list to Running Backs and somehow picked a Wide Receiver… Then, I spun around in a circle panicking losing my mind.

Eventually, I got my shit together and picked a few solids. I also noticed a few items about my fellow players. One of the twins was having a tough time with her program, she kept adding people to her que only to realize she was accidently picking the, I chuckled to myself- that’s why I played the mock draft on my computer, so I could used to the program and not have these issues in front of my competitors.

A few of the owners I didn’t know seemed to be picking up all my players as well as showing signs of experience and intelligence for this draft. I gleaned this data from some comments they’d drop like, “In my other draft…” and “Why did you pick a QB’s first!”

Then all hell broke lose as my computer battery died and I grabbed for my phone to sign in through the app… which was completely different and I had no Idea what I was doing. My que seemed to be empty, so I added a player to it… only to realize I’d just picked them. Yeah, I see what happened there, I shouldn’t have chuckled at the Twin and this was the karmic punishment I deserved and still don’t believe in.

Anyway, we finished up the draft fairly quickly and despite a few issues, my team isn’t half bad. I’m gonna maybe try to hit a trade or two, I’m eyeing you Brady.

Our first game in Thursday against Red Leader, the guy who started the league. I looked over his team, he’s a formidable opponent to be sure, but I think I have a fairly good shot at beating him. Guess we’ll find out together next time…