Star Wars set pictures leaked.

As Star Wars: Episode IX films, social media has given us a few picture leaks that have made us wonder what is next in Episode IX. Last month we got our first look at the Millennium Falcon from the Black Park filming location in England. Now we have more pictures reportedly coming from a second set in a wooded, jungle like area.

Return of the Ewoks?

When looking at these photos you can’t help to wonder what planet these scenes are going to be taking place on. One of the first thoughts is they look very similar to an old planet we know very well, Endor. Could we see the return of the Ewoks? Could JJ Abrams bring us back to Endor as a way to tie the films of the past together? Now don’t get to excited about the Ewoks coming in and saving the galaxy from the First Order, we still know very little about Episode IX. But who wouldn’t want to see Wicket back in action?



Yavin IV and Force Trees.

Another option could be Yavin IV. Yavin IV has played a major role in the Star Wars storyline. We first seen Yavin IV in “A New Hope” and again in “Rogue One” and “Rebels.” Yavin IV is also home to Poe Dameron. Also in the Marvel comic “Shattered Empire,” a Force Tree was given to Poe’s parents and was planted on Yavin IV. Could this force tree play a role in Episode IX? With the Resistance needing a home for a new base why not bring them back to where it all started. Just image the Resistance fighters taking off for battle from Yavin IV as they have in the past, and again we see the Rebel Soldier tracking them from the Recon-Tower as we fade to the next scene.

Star Wars


A new planet.

Another possibility is that it is a new planet named Batuu. There is evidence out there that could support this theory. Disney has confirmed that Batuu will be featured at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Also Batuu has been mentioned in the Star Wars Novel Thrawn: Alliances. Photos and concept art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge seem to also have the same type of environment as the leaked photos.


Again, remember these are all speculation. There has been no official word from Disney on where the film is taking place. You can see the photos below thanks to @bespinbulletin on Instagram. What do you think of the leaked pictures? What planet would you like to see in Episode IX? Well let us know by leaving a comment or hitting me up @starwarsnerd574 on twitter.