Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is currently airing the last episodes of the season and in February, Beast Morphers is premiering on Nickelodeon. Rorrie Travis confirmed it during an interview with WFMV 95.3 FM, which is a radio station that serves the Columbia, South Carolina area.


Now, many fans have speculated if the show releasing in February is due in large part because of the Hasbro buyout.  One of the other main reasons could true is because the crew from Saban are switching over to Hasbro.

This is interesting as well because since Hasbro has the master toy license, they can’t release any of the toys for the new season until Spring 2019, so premiering the show before the toys can be released is interesting.

Now, something that has remained to be announced is what day the show will be airing. If Hasbro ends up keeping with tradition, the show will most likely air on Saturdays at 12 PM. But if Hasbro does it right, they could the episodes on Friday nights instead.

Source: Power Rangers NOW