When we left Spider-Man, January 31st, 1998 he had just saved reality from Spider-Carnage, “Spider Wars Part 2: Farewell, Spider-Man,” had met his creator (in other reality), Stan Lee, and embarked with Madame Web to finally find the real Mary Jane, who had fallen off of a bridge at the hands of the Green Goblin into a black hole, “Turning Point”.

The series writer, John Semper Jr. launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for his next project, “War of the Rocketmen.” I donated to said project and one of the perks was a hard-copy script of “Peter Finds Mary Jane,” the episode that finally wraps up Spider-Man the animated series. Out of respect to the author, and ya know, copyrights, I will not redistribute the script; however, I will summarize and spoil it!



The story opens with Spider-man holding onto Madame Web’s chair as they travel through a time and space vortex in their search for Mary Jane. Up ahead they see a dark figure, which turns out to be MJ! Spider-Man tries to reach her, but the vortex scambles his webbing. Suddenly a bolt of electricity sends them all flying into the center of the vortex. Spider-Man and Madame Web come crashing. Web’s chair is damaged in the crash and her link is broken. She fades, leaving Spider-Man alone, in a new unknown dimension to continue his search for MJ.

The opening theme plays here.

Act One

Spider-Man places a tracer on Madame Web’s chair and ventures out into the unknown dimension. He comes across a train and hopes that he has landed back in New York City. As he rides on top of the train, he notices a familiar sight. It’s Big Ben. He has landed in London. As he finds a newspaper, he discovers that Jack the Ripper is at large and “Professor Challenger Launches Expedition To Find Lost World.” What were just stories in Peter’s world appear to be real in this one.

The story turns to a streetwalker in Whitechapel as she tries to entertain a man, but lurking in the shadows is Jack the Ripper. As Spider-Man races across building tops above looking for MJ, he hears a scream and immediately comes to the young woman’s rescue only to find that Jack the Ripper is none other than his old foe, CARNAGE! Carnage had vanished through a vortex and was last seen in the episode, “Carnage.”

Spider-Man and Carnage battle. Carnage slices a gaslight in half and then breaks both of Spider-Man’s web-shooters. He uses the gas coming from the open glass light to ignite a fire and runs off. Spider-Man quickly uses his strength to bend the gas light and stop the gas from leaking. A crowd as gathered now and calls Spider-Man Jack the Ripper as he leaps off.

Act Two

Spider-Man “borrows,” (I’m sure he meant to return the clothes), clothing from a shop, so he can fit in as Peter Parker.

Elsewhere, Mary Jane drops out of the vortex and is nearly struck by a cab carrying this dimension’s J. Jonah James and Flash Thompson, who are are from New York to get the scoop on Jack the Ripper. Mary Jane has amnesia and is found by two streetwalkers, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, who offer to help her.

Back to Spider-Man as he searches for Mary Jane, he spots The GREEN GOBLIN! Here? He assumes Norman Osborn must have also ended up here after their final battle in “Turning Point”. Spider-Man attacks the Green Goblin and they crash into a circus where Spider-Man must also face none other than MYSTERIO!

Act Three

Seeing through his tricks, Spider-Man subdues Mysterio. It’s revealed that This isn’t the Mysterio that Spider-Man knows, nor is it the Green Goblin he had originally thought it was. These two are native to this dimension and run a circus. The Green Goblin is this dimension’s Harry Osborne and was simply advertising their circus, “Mysterio’s Carnival of Mysteries and Illusions.” Harry and Beck offer Spider-Man food and a place to sleep as well as to help him repair his web-shooters. In exchange, Spider-Man will give them credit for helping him catch Jack the Ripper, which should put their circus on the map!

Beck takes Peter and Harry to his friend that has the parts needed to fix Spider-Man’s web-shooters. When they arrive at his home, Peter is shocked to discover that Beck’s friend is none other than H.G. Wells! Once inside, Peter’s spider-sense alerts him of danger. Peter sneaks away discovers a machine down the hall. He quickly orders Wells to shut it off, realizing that Wells has been working a time-machine and that same machine must have been what caused himself, Madame Web, Carnage, and MJ to come to this reality. Peter then takes Wells, Harry, and Beck to Madame Web’s damaged chair using his spider-tracer. He convinces Wells to help repair the chair so that he could return home with MJ and Carnage. Peter decides to make one last stop at the only place, 221B Baker Street, where he can help from the “GREATEST DETECTIVE.”

Act Four

Peter enlists the help of none other than Sherlock Holmes, to find Mary Jane. Holmes concludes that the only place MJ could be, where her foreign clothes wouldn’t draw too much attention is Whitechapel. Peter thanks Holmes and leave for Whitechapel. Holmes declares that he and Watson must follow Peter after noticing the mud, red paint, and tar on Peter’s shoe. He believes Peter somehow scaled the wall of a building nearby and should be investigated. They discover they were right as Peter turns down an ally and climbs up a building. They decide to go to Whitechapel as well to further investigate.

Mary Jane decides to return to where she had fallen, hoping someone will be looking for her. She runs into this world’s Flash Thompson, which slightly jogs her memory. Flash, understandably doesn’t recognize her. Flash and Jameson split up to find Jack the Ripper. Catherine and Elizabeth believe MJ is trying to entertain Flash and leave her to her “work.” Suddenly MJ and Flash hear a scream and rush to find Elizabeth’s corpse will blood spilling from her mouth and throat slashed. Carnage then kills Catherine. Carnage recognizes Mary Jane from before he was born and part of Venom. This helps Mary Jane remember as well. Carnage tries to attack, but Spider-Man arrives and tosses Carnage with his webbing. Spider-Man then reveals himself as Peter Parker to a shocked Mary Jane and they kiss. Carnage returns to break up their reunion and escapes with Mary Jane captive.

Act Five

Carnage doesn’t get far with MJ, because Mysterio attacks him with his illusions. Jameson arrives and fires a shot from his gun, piercing Mysterio in the arm. He declares that he wants to end Whitechapel. Holmes arrives and disarms Jameson, explaining that Mysterio and Spider-Man are trying to stop Jack the Ripper. Spider-Man webs up Jameson and returns to chasing Carnage. Spider-Man believes Carnage will try to be nostalgic and bring Mary Jane to Tower Bridge to reenact where he last lost her. When he arrives he finds that he was right and Carnage throws Mary Jane off of the bridge!

Act Six

Mary Jane is saved by none other than the Green Goblin in a twist of irony.

Goblin attacks Carnage with his pumpkin bombs and leaves the rest up to Spider-Man once he has run out of bombs. Spider-Man get Carnage to chase him to Big Ben, remembering that the noise from the clock would separate a symbiote from it’s host. The plan is a success, but before Spider-Man can capture Cassidy, he jumps, not wanting to live without his symbiote. Spider-Man takes his camera down, that he had placed earlier. He plans on giving the photos to Beck and Harry to help their circus and prove they helped end Jack the Ripper.

Peter and Mary Jane return to Wells who believes he has repaired Madame Web’s chair, but before they could try it, Carnage reappears and takes Mary Jane, holding a knife life tendril to her throat. Carnage tries to use the chair to kill in other dimensions, but a safeguard only allowing Madame Web to use the chair rips Carnage apart and sends him in pieces to limbo. Mary Jane just barely escapes and Madame Web returns.

Madame Web returns Mary Jane home and brings Spider-Man to “No Place,” where she shows him Spiders from alternate dimensions. She shows him, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Aunt May. Madame Web tells Peter about the importance of being Spider-Man and reminds him, “With great power must come great responsibility.” Spider-Man returns to New York City. He tells Bruce that he accepts being Spider-Man. The story concludes with Spider-Man web-slinging through New York City.