Twitter Once Again Makes News

You have to love Twitter.  Without Twitter our lives would have so much less drama.  Things would be so boring what would we do? After the James Gunn firing, Rian Johnson went back and deleted thousands of his old tweets.  Given the paranoia in Hollywood, who could blame him.  Well now Johnson has fired back at YouTuber Mike Zeroh.

If you remember awhile back, it was rumored that Rian’s trilogy had been cancelled.  Well guess who started that one.  Yup. You guessed it – Mike Zeroh.  Everyone was left in limbo before Rian Johnson recently responded to a tweet that asked if he was still doing his trilogy.  Rian succinctly stated “yup.”

Upon learning it was Mike Zeroh behind the cancellation rumor, Rian sent out the following tweet:

“Wait. Hahahahahahaha this is all because of zeroh? hahahahahahaha.

“when we were in production we had a guy keeping an eye on online rumors.  At some point we started using “zeroh” as a verb.  like, ‘throws trash at the basket, but it slips out of your hand and falls behind you.’ ‘zeroh’d it.'”

Rian then turned around and deleted them shortly there after, but not before they were forever captured by others.  Some other YouTubers cried foul and accused Johnson of Bullying.

What Damage Was Done

Honestly, Rian Johnson has done such a masterful job of responding to tweets and fans that he is to be commended.  Back when a site was trying to remake The Last Jedi, Rian’s response was essentially – go for it.  he has rolled with the punches each and every time.

YouTubers calling someone who has been attacked and maligned, the way Johnson has been, a bully because of a couple of harmless tweets?  Talk about lacking perspective.  There was nothing mean or over the line in his tweets.  They were simply responding to a YouTuber that, let’s face it, has a trash worthy record.

When I was looking for sites programs to follow what was going on with the new movies, Mike Zeroh was a name that kept coming up.  I would read his headlines and be blown away by the possibilities.  Then I would start the video.  Bad idea.  The videos were filled with such bad information, disinformation and crap that was just plain fake and made up that I swore the site and the guy off forever.

The biggest issue here is not the tweets, but the fact Johnson felt compelled to remove them so quickly.  It is a sign of the rampant paranoia running loose through Hollywood.  I’m no fan of what a lot of Hollywood does, but the fact actors and directors are so afraid to say anything to defend themselves it is madness.  That and it could have been 20 years ago.  It doesn’t matter.

There are indeed lines that should not be crossed, but right now, with what is being said that terminal line is still three states over!