A Long Dead Presence Returns

Crank up the rumor mill once more.  This one could be a doozy if true. We have long heard that JJ Abrams is attempting to make Episode 9 the finale of all finales.  He is reportedly attempting to weave threads from all 8 movies before him into this last epic monster of a closer.  The latest thread reportedly being woven in is none other than Darth Sidious.

An unknown source (take as you will) describes the leaked concept art as a scene with Sidious and Rey.  The source says “There is one of Rey I through the rooms of a large ancient looking building.  It seems she is in a room with relics and artefacts.”

Another image is described as this: “One goes over Rey holding a hologram of Emperor Palpatine with a hood over his head and face fully revealed.  This ties in with the Jordan location… Could we be returning to Jehda? But what lies beneath the surface?”

These reports seem a bit vague, but could hold some truth.  If Rey is indeed looking for artifacts or answers, Jehda would be a good place to go.  Granted I do not know what could have survived the blast from the Deathstar.  It sounds as if Rey will stumble upon either a Sith holocron or recording of Sidious, which may shed some light on Snoke’s origins and the unknown regions.

See the source imageJehda would also be a great place for kyber crystals.  However, one would hope Rey hasn’t been running around the galaxy for a year without a lightsaber.  If some connection to the Whills could be made, that would not only be a great fan easter egg, but something that has needed development since 1977.

Not only would this provide some awesome answers for the movies, but it could likely be a great tie in to Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy.  Right now that is about the only source we have as to how the unknown regions were brought into this, and Sidious’ plans should his rule fail.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a “force race”.  Kylo and Rey are racing against each other to find artifacts and clues that would lead them to some discovery.  The find would turn the balance of force one direction or another.  I do not think we are getting that here, but there is nothing wrong with spelunking and cave diving for answers.

See the source imageIf this latest rumor turns out to be true, it will be great to see Darth Sidious and Ian McDairmid back on screen one more time.  Ian and Ewan McGregor were the best things to come out of the prequels, and their roles will always be welcomed.