The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan has expressed interest in playing the DC character Lobo in an upcoming project after missing out on the Flashpoint movie.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already appeared in a DCEU movie in Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice in which he appeared as Thomas Wayne before he was murdered in front of his son Bruce. While JDM has made an appearance as one DC character, he would like to play another.

After announcing that the upcoming Flash movie would be adapting the Flashpoint storyline, many of us thought that we would see JDM appear as Batman in the movie due to Thomas Wayne taking up the role of Batman in the Flashpoint storyline.

However recent developments seem to suggest that the writers of the Flash movie have dropped the Flashpoint storyline an will no longer be adapting it. Therefore this has ultimately eliminated JDM appearing as Thomas Wayne Batman in a movie anytime soon.

However during a recent Walker Stalker Con Q&A session he confirmed that he would like to play Lobo.

It was announced a while back that a Lobo movie is in development over at Warner Bros however there are so many DC films in development over at Warner Bros that we do not know what is officially in production and the likelyhood of a Lobo movie actually happening is slim.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan said: “The only one I want to play is DC and Lobo. He’s badass,”. 

JDM was also asked which Marvel character he would play if he was given the chance and he responded with Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic 4.

It would pretty awesome to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan show up in the MCU as Reed Richards or in the DCEU as Lobo. With new movies for both characters seemingly on the horizon, we very well could be seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan show up on our screens as a comic book character very soon.