david prowse

David Prowse, who played the physical actor for Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy, announced that he will be retiring from in-home autograph signings. Prowse was already retired from doing public appearances because of health issues in 2017. Here is the official announcement from Prowse agency.

“Dave’s family have decided that due to his ongoing health issues all private home signings will now come to an end. There will be no further bookings made. They ask that the autograph community respect their decision and privacy and do not call them at home. Dave has been signing autographs for over 40 years. Sadly now it has become a difficult task for him, so the time has now come to stop.”

prowse and vader

Prowse who was born in 1935, was selected to play Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy and The Star Wars Holiday Special. However, Prowse’s voice was replaced by James Earl Jones. Prowse spoke the dialogue, but George Lucas wanted a deeper darker voice. This began a strain on the relationship between Prowse and Lucasfilm.


An article from comicbook.com in 2015 tells how the relationship between him and Lucasfilm has been strained for a while. Prowse said he was told that the “Return of the Jedi” has not made a profit. Because of that he would not receive any residuals from the movie. Prowse hinted that the problem may be related to a clause in his contract. Also a article from the Daily News in 2010 states that Prowse was banned from all Star Wars official fan conventions and cast reunions for reportedly annoying George Lucas.

prowse and vader

So, in the past month we have now seen two Star War legends put their pens away in retirement. Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who played Boba Fett in “The Empire Strikes Back” announced that he was retiring from doing conventions. I know many fans are disappointed that they are seeing more of the Original Trilogy actors fading away from the conventions and shows, but they have given us many years of memories and their time. So, to David Prowse and Jeremy Bulloch, I would like to say thank you both. We will always remember what you both have done for Star Wars. May the Force be with you both always.

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