Who could Matt Smith Be Playing In Episode IX?

With the release of Star Wars Episode IX still more than a year away, that isn’t stopping the theories and rumors as each new actor is cast to star in the movie. The newest edition..actor Matt Smith. Best known for his role as the doctor in the BBC series “Doctor Who”, the actor seems to have a pretty uncanny resemblance to a certain “Star Wars Rebels” character.

Yes, the previous rumors of Grand Admiral Thrawn possibly being in the final Skywalker installment of Star Wars were supposedly shot down, but is this the first time that movie studios have “lied” to us? Is it possible that they are saying one thing while meaning another? In this case, with the possibility of the blue skinned villain from the animated Netflix series being in the next Star Wars movie, I hope intentional deceit is the case. This is a character that a lot of fans want to see on the big screen, and with his popularity in full swing, now is the time to make that happen.

With the casting of the Doctor Who actor, rumors have been circulating about who Matt Smith could possibly be playing in the final movie of the latest Star Wars trilogy. A Resistance pilot? Ezra Bridger? A Knight of Ren? I like to think, that if the possibility is still there, that we are looking at the man who will play the Grand Admiral. Looking at his facial structure, alongside the picture of Thrawn, it’s hard not to get excited hoping that he will show up in the new movie.

And if anyone can pull it off, the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director is the man to do it. While some so called fans chastised TFA for being too much like the original Star Wars movies, and said Abrams just rehashed what we have already seen in the movies, I beg to differ. The “Cloverfield” director is a veteran when it comes to exciting and powerful films, and having him back to direct the next installment, and the possibility that he could be bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn to the big screen, is absolutely exciting, and enticing. Unfortunately, we will have to wait quite some time before we start getting answers and resolution to the questions we have and the rumors we are reading.

A long time ago…in a galaxy not so far away, we were introduced to the most iconic story of our lives. And with it having returned a few years ago, the Star Wars universe continues to grow. Whether you like it…or you’re wrong…the possibilities of where it will take us are endless. Trilogy movies, stand alone films, books, tv shows..there are so many ways to bring characters and visions of the universe to life. With that being said, whether Thrawn is in the new movie or not, it’s exciting just to think of the possibilities of what could, or will, be. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree that Matt Smith could be playing Grand Admiral Thrawn? What are your theories? And as always…

May The Force Be With You!!