Titans hasn’t even premiered yet on the DC Universe streaming service and already it has a spin-off in the works! The spin-off is none other than Doom Patrol as those characters will be recurring guest stars in the first season of the Teen Titans live-action series. The Chief (Bruno Bichir), Negative Man (Dwain Murphy), Robotman (Jake Michaels), and Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby) will make their first appearance in episode 5 titled after the team.

They will appear a few more times in Season 1 before heading over to their own spin-off, with Bowlby so far confirmed as the only returning cast member. The spin-off has recruited Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane and Joivan Wade as Cyborg. As the spin-off is getting ready to kick-off production this fall, the show is currently casting a number of new characters, including the villain that we at That Hashtag Show first broke.

Now we have three new characters that they are currently casting, all as recurring guest stars, with two of them being related to one of our Doom Patrol members, Negative Man. First, let’s look at the way that Larry Trainor’s character breakdown when Murphy was initially cast, revealed by Den of Geek for Titans.

“A pilot in the Air Force, Larry Trainor crashed his plane and was exposed to a mysterious “negative” energy. Wrapped in bandages to protect those around him, Larry struggles with this new strange power.”

Courtesy of DC Comics

Now, let’s take a look at the characters they are casting, starting with John Bowers, who is a male of any ethnicity in his early 30s. Described as a blue-collar ground crew chief for the Air Force, Bowers was a witness to a horrible accident during testing. Something else to know about him is that Bowers appears to be a LGBT character as he is described as having a romantic relationship with another male.

Next we have Sheryl Trainor, a female in her 30s who is definitely related to Larry. She is described as a distant woman with two children and is now living with the fact that her husband died in a plane crash.

Last but not least we have Von Fuchs. The character is described as a Caucasian German man in his 40s-60s who used to be a Nazi. He is best known as Paraguay’s village cobbler, secretly is a scientist who is involved with conducting experiments. The breakdown calls for the actor to have a German accent.

It remains to be seen what roles they will play in the overall story of Doom Patrol Season 1. But it’s exciting to see that they are already expanding that world already as the filming of Season 1 is getting ready to happen.

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