It’s Not The Jedi Way

10 year old padwan, Aiden Vasquez, is wise beyond his years. Master Yoda himself would be proud. He was beaten by bullies so badly, he needed hospital treatment. His bravery is catching the attention of a lot of folks, especially in the Star Wars community after his mother posted on Facebook on his behalf:

“Aiden wants me to let everyone know he’s doing fine all stitched up and numb… he said he felt it in his soul not to hit the kid back. It’s not the Jedi way!”

It wasn’t long before this youngling caught the attention of Hamill himself. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter:

“I’m astonished by his wisdom and courage [at] such a tender age.”

Let’s share Aiden’s story and show this little Jedi the full power of the Force. Much love and may the Force be with you, always.