STAR WARS RUMORS: Where is the Millennium Falcon Going in Ep. IX?



Millennium Falcon

Notwithstanding any of the other possibilities, Batuu is the most likely of all destinations. A visit to Batuu does make sense, though. The planet featured prominently in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn: Alliances, with the father of the most famous twins in the galaxy having visited the planet twice. He did so once as Anakin Skywalker, and once as Darth Vader, both times with Thrawn. If they go to Batuu, it could tie in to rumors of a Thrawn appearance (though actor Richard E. Grant reportedly quashed those recently) or the disturbance in the Force that Palpatine felt in Alliances.

I’m not fond of this theory, however, despite its probability. The more likely reason for the boys taking the Millennium Falcon on a trip to Batuu is a Disney marketing money grab. Don’t forget, Disney is in the process of constructing the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge additions to each of its Orlando and Anaheim theme parks. The setting for Galaxy’s Edge? You guessed it: Batuu.

Where the Falcon really ends up, however, is anyone’s guess until December of next year. In the meantime… I’m still holding out for a Chewbacca/Lumpawaroo reunion. #lumpylives

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