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In the Dragon Ball Super Manga, during the fight between Gohan and Kefla, Kefla taunts Gohan for not coming at her as a Super Saiyan. Which in response Gohan powers up and gives her a quick beat down that surprises her and Goku. This is what leads Kefla to ask Gohan why he doesn’t just transform into a Super Saiyan?

His Answer: “I chose to keep evolving as a human, not a Saiyan. I’m not relying on my Saiyan blood anymore.”

Now…. This could piss off a lot of DB fans out there and also disappoint a lot of Gohan fans. Many will think that this will Nerf his character and leave him stuck without the ability to grow and be on the same level as the other Saiyans. Well i am here to tell you that this is not completely true! Dragon Ball has always been very inconsistent with its writing, many thing have been retconned throughout the years in both the manga and anime. There is a chance that Gohan can grow to be just as strong as everyone else, maybe stronger, by choosing his own path.

So let’s say that not everything from DBZ has been retconned. During Z, Gohan was told by the Kai’s that because of his Human/Saiyan bloodline, he was capable of great power. So much power that his body would not be able to contain it and he could possibly die if he tried going Super Saiyan 3. But that did not stop him! Taking the human route is not a bad thing. look at the other humans in Team Z that have been doing their best to keep up(Roshi and Krillan). Even our favorite Saiyans themselves, Goku and Vegeta, became stronger when they adapted the human life.

I expect great things from Gohan in the fututre. Choosing a different path from the others will make him more unique and allow the chance to grow his character into something different than his father…… or i could be completely wrong and the series is taking a huge dump on a loved character.

Personally…. I hate Dragon Ball Super anyways.