Fans were pleasantly surprised when they learned that Leia Organa would live on in Star Wars: Episode IX. JJ Abrams revealed that the late Carrie Fisher would appear in the film via unseen footage from both Episodes VII and VIII. This will, hopefully, allow the director to complete the Leia character arc he envisioned when he helmed The Force Awakens. I’m a little skeptical. Leia deserves a happy ending, and I’m just not sure she’ll get it.

Leia Organa and the Skywalker Curse

When it comes to Star Wars, the Skywalker family is undeniably fraught with tragedy. We could spend hours discussing Anakin Skywalker’s heartrending tale alone. Like his father’s, Luke’s life was filled with sadness, loss, and often despair. As difficult as her brother’s life was, Leia Organa’s was as trying if not more so.

Leia Organa

Leia had no cognizant memory of her birth mother, and then witnessed first-hand as Tarkin destroyed her entire planet, her family included. She would carry that guilt with her forever, knowing her refusal to divulge the Rebel base’s location lead to her people’s destruction. In The Empire Strikes Back she’d find love, only to lose it just as quickly.


Leia Organa: Survivor

Things seemed on the upswing when she and Luke rescued Han…. And then she found out Darth Vader was her father. That fact would eventually lead to her ouster from the Senate in Claudia Grey’s Bloodline, and the fear that her son would inherit her father’s tendencies. The realization that Ben Solo would not escape the dark poison that permeated the Skywalker bloodline was hard enough; to know that your son murdered his own father and the love of your life would break anyone. But not Leia.

There’s only so much one person can take, however. In The Last Jedi she had to witness Kylo Ren attempt to cut down her brother, the only person left on whom she could truly rely.

And then Luke was gone, too. Leia Organa is one of the strongest characters in Star Wars to have survived so much, and she deserves better. I don’t foresee Kylo Ren’s redemption, so how does Leia get the send-off she deserves?

Our princess’s fate is in your hands, Mr. Abrams.