When Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits Disney’s streaming service sometime next year, it will do so after a five-year hiatus. Disney cancelled the much-beloved show back in 2014 in favor of Star Wars: Rebels. In rectifying that mistake with Clone Wars Season 7, Disney has made countless fans happy.

In doing so, however, we’re left with a couple of lingering questions about the Star Wars series. First, what will be the show’s focus? And will Dave Filoni be able to tie up loose ends and therefore complete story lines he was previously unable to finish?

What’s in Store for Clone Wars Season 7?

Ahsoka Tano standing side by side with Bo-Katan Kryze virtually assures a focus on the Siege of Mandalore. Beyond that, what will transpire is anyone’s guess. An ancillary question surrounding Clone Wars Season 7 is just what characters we’re going to see as the show winds down to conclusion. Here are five-plus characters that need to be in Season 7.