Pretty much like any murder mystery, people watch to investigate and to also make connections they hadn’t considered. But those connections usually seem to make total sense, and this latest one might be connecting a new menu option on the main menu for Smash Bros. Ultimate and the recent characters that have died.

Since Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown off at this year’s E3, some new characters were introduced, including Ridley from Metroid, and even King K Rool from the Donkey Kong series. And with the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, it was shown that Luigi was killed by Death, and his soul left his body. Now, this did lead to the Nintendo UK VS Twitter account to let fans know that Luigi is still alive.

But this still has not stopped fans from trying piecing things together. We know from the E3 announcement, Mario and Mega Man were killed by Ridley, but we don’t know what happened to their souls. We also know that game director Masahiro Sakurai did show off the main menu at last week’s Direct, but one section of the menu was pixelated off. Luckily a fan on Twitter by the name of noctulescent also noticed the blur, and tried to decode what it could mean.

They did decode it, and they think it says “spirits” on that hidden menu screen. Now, another Twitter user, than_kyou, also jumped on to help and they may have figured out what the hidden menu is.

Now, the image does show what looks like a Japanese wisp, which is known as an Onibi. It’s pretty much a spirit that resembles a flame. Now, this is, in fact, an onibi, this would explain where the spirits of the current Smash characters have gone. But we still have less then 4 months before the game is released, so hopefully we will find out before then what that secret menu is.

Source: Game Informer