In what’s sure to disappoint fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni dropped a bit of bomb in a recent interview. It seems the talented producer will not have as much direct control of the new animated series Star Wars Resistance as he had with the prior two shows.

Filoni admitted that he won’t be involved in the day-to-day development of the series. He will be leaving the bulk of the work to those with whom he’s worked together with on Clone Wars and Rebels.

Filoni’s Role with Resistance

The producer, credited in large part for the captivating storytelling and character development of those two series, had this to say in an interview with IGN about his involvement with the show:

So right now, Resistance is a bit different, in that I’m not on that day-to-day. I created and set it in motion, but I’ve given that to other people to raise up, people that I’ve worked with a long time, who I think deserve the opportunity to tell stories and I think it’s exciting, and I give them my thoughts and notes – I was just doing that this morning, like George would give me. So that’s fun.”

What does this mean for Resistance?

Filoni’s laissez faire approach to the new series probably shouldn’t be too much of a concern. If he is truly turning over operational duties for the show to those he’s worked closely with on the other two projects, the show is bound to be rich with Filoni’s influence. Having less of a role with Resistance also frees him up to complete work on season 7 of Clone Wars. He informed us that was forthcoming in a surprise announcement at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

Details are just starting to role in regarding Resistance. The studio is beginning to release artwork for the series, as well as its synopsis. One question fans have, since the series will take place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, is whether Rebels surviving characters will cross over into Resistance. I wouldn’t hold your breath:

That’d be really hard for me to do at this point,” Filoni told “… I’ve been a part of it for so long. Since, especially, Ahsoka’s beginning. I can’t imagine not being involved in some way with what would happen to her.”

Honestly, Dave, we can’t imagine you not being involved with what happens to Ahsoka, either.

Resistance comes to Disney and Disney XD this October.


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