Charlie Ellison needs help protecting herself from the people trying to kill her and turns to a phone app for help in Crowded #1.

Ellison walks into a restaurant to meet her bodyguard, Vita, at a booth.  Vita is the lowest rated bodyguard on the Dfend app. However, Vita is always willing to explain that no one has ever died on her watch.  It is not too long before the janitor tries to kill Ellison, but Vita takes care of it for free.

Vita needs to know why people are trying to kill Ellison before she is willing to take her on as a client.  Ellison is just a normal girl trying to live her life when an old lady pulls out a gun, but Ellison throws hot coffee in her face.  While running away Ellison starts taking fire from across the street.

Ellison is a smart girl and knows if two people try to kill you in the same day then something strange is up.  At this point she uses Dfend and brings us to the present.

Vita has a hunch to check the Reapr app to see if Ellison is on it.  Reapr is an app to pay to have people killed and works like Go Fund Me with people chipping money in.  Whoever kills the target gets the bounty.

It turns out Ellison is on Reapr and has a $1.25 million bounty on her head.  According to Vita the last time she say one that high it was on a politician. However, Ellison has no idea why anyone let alone over 2,000 people want her dead.

If Ellison can survive for more than 30 days the bounty goes away, but 30 days is a long time when you have over a million dollar bounty on your head.  Vita will protect her for the time being and only to find out more information.

Crowded had me very intrigued right from the start and just kept getting better.  In our world there is already a app for almost anything, but a bodyguard and an assassination app may not be very for off.  Alright an assassination app will probably never happen, but in a world where people think a Purge is a good idea you never know.

I really like the concept of Crowded.  This issue told me everything I needed to know right away and it was very clear and understandable.  However, I really want to know what someone could have done to have such a high bounty. It makes me wonder if I was on Reapr how high would my bounty be?  Would I be happy or sad if it was low?

Crowded #1 has me very interested to see where this story will go and how everything plays out.  As far as first issues go this is very strong and everyone should keep an eye on this series.


Written by: Christopher Sebela

Art by: Ted Brandt, Ro Stein and Triona Farrell

Cover by: Ted Brandt and Ro Stein 

Release: 8/15/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics