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With all the projects Shawn Levy has been a part of, many were questioning if he was going to have enough time to take on the highly expected Film adaption to Uncharted. Currently, he is hard at work overseeing the production of Stranger Things until the end of 2018; and Tom Holland, the star of the film, is swinging away in his role in Spider-Man; Far From Home.

After a lot of planning and different versions of the script for Uncharted being tossed around, it was decided that a prequel to the video game series where the story would be of how Drake and Sully became partners, would be the route they would be going with Shawn Levy and Tom Holland at the helm.

In recent news, Shawn Levy has confirmed that as soon as he is wrapped up with Stranger Things, the casting is rounded up, and the scheduling is finished; production should be well underway. As of now it is expected that production should start before the end of 2019 and a release date of 2020.