For the past few years there has been outcry for some more diversity in the Bond franchise, especially when it comes to the lead himself. However a new report has suggested that one of the producers is teasing the casting of a non-white actor.

One actor who has always been a fan favourite for the role of 007 is Idris Elba. Many believe that he posses the acting ability, charisma and physique to pull off an exciting and different Bond than we have ever seen before, however Elba is now 45 years old and many fear that his time may have already passed to take on the role. However there is nothing to say that a non-white actor could still take up the role and according to the Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, it might happen very soon.

Antoine Fuqua, the director of The Equalizer 2 has revealed that he had a discussion with Broccoli regarding the topic of casting and he claims that Broccoli told him “its the time” for a person of colour to take up the mantle of James Bond. She also went onto say that the casting “will happen eventually”.

Antoine Fuqua then went on to celebrate Idris Elba as his choice to play Bond. This has lead many outlets to report that Idris Elba is lined up to take the role after Daniel Craig is done however there is no official statement that Idris Elba is any way connected to the franchise at this point. It definitely could happen but as it stands right now, there is no official evidence of Elba being attached to the project.

The next Bond film, which will be the 25th of the franchise, is going into production very soon. With Daniel Craig set to return in the lead role and will be his final performance as 007. We will also see the film be written and directed by OSCAR winner Danny Boyle which has led many fans to be incredibly excited about the next Bond adventure after the last entry Spectre left many underwhelmed.

No matter what Bond 26 ends up being, be sure to look out for the casting as we could be finally seeing the very first non-white actor taking on the role and it will be an exciting time for all of us fans of the James Bond franchise.

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