The First order has tracked them to their hidden base on D’Qar in the Ileenium System, forcing the Resistance to stage a hasty escape and desperate counter-attack on the First Order Dreadnaught poised to blow the Resistance base off the face of the planet. So where, when they are seemingly needed most, are the pilots of Black Squadron? Marvel Comics Poe Dameron Issue #30 explains the glaring plot hole from the opening scenes of The Last Jedi.

Where was Black Squadron?

After having played such a pivot role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, driving the First Order off Takadona and then destroying Starkiller Base, the Black Squadron’s absence from the Opening battle of Episode VIII appeared to just be another example of Rian Johnson’s much-maligned screenwriting. Marvel Comics, as it’s been doing recently, fills in this gap in the film by telling us that it was Leia who ordered Black Squadron away from the fray to seek out allies to the Resistance.

Black Squadron

Poe Dameron Issue #30 (Marvel Comics: Soule/Unzueta/Prianto)

In an exclusive preview of Poe Dameron Issue #30, Screenrant lets us know that Karé Kun, Snap Wexley, and the rest of Black Squadron are alive and well. Okay, perhaps not well, as we learn in the issue that their mission seeking assistance on the planet of Pastoria has failed.

Black Sqaudron

Poe Dameron Issue #30 (Marvel Comics: Soule/Unzueta/Prianto)

Trouble For Black Squadron

An incomplete transmission leaves Poe fearing for the worst. Poe could be right; As Snap leads Black Squadron to their next destination of Ikkrukk, they receive a distress call that Ikkrukk’s Grail City is under attack from the First Order.

Poe Dameron Issue #30 (Marvel Comics: Soule/Unzueta/Prianto)

How Black Squadron will fare in what’s now turned into a rescue mission remains to be seen, as the issue doesn’t hit shelves until August 15th.

I wouldn’t fear too much for Black Squadron, however. As we previously reported, actor Greg Grunberg was recently spotted sporting Snap’s signature beard, leading to speculation that Black Sqaudron, or at least Temmin “Snap” Wexley, will appear in Star Wars Episode IX to assist Poe as he, Leia and the rest of the D’Qar survivors seek to rebuild the Resistance and turn back the First Order once and for all.

Comic Info:

Star Wars: Poe Dameron (Marvel Comics 2018) Issue #30

Release Date: August 15, 2018

Writer: Charles Soule; Art: Angel Unzueta; Cover: Phil Noto


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SOURCE: Screenrant