What am I talking about this time: Red Hood And The Outlaws #25

Written by: Scott Lobdell

Art by: Dexter Soy

Cover by: Trevor Hairsine

Variant cover by: Yasmine Putri

Overall Review: 4 out of 5 Lego Red Hoods

Is it worth $4.99? Man, $5 is a lot of money, but yeah… this comic has heart, man.

Spoiler Free Review:

This comic doesn’t deserve a 4 out of 5. The story is a mess, the build up is over-hyped, and to be honest Jason Todd/Red Hood is just a Punisher rip-off… and yet there are a few intimate moments almost snuck into the book that totally raise it up. The art and framing almost seem aware of this, using wide shots for all the terrible actions, but playing with a varying amount of close-ups during the moments of emotion. I have never been a fan of this book, only reading sporadic issues here and there that have been suggested, but these is something here, beneath all the predictable action.

You got lucky this time, Red Hood And The Outlaws #25, it won’t happen again.

Spoilery Review:

We start in the past, a drowning Robin/Jason Todd risks his life to save Batman, it’s a simple piece, straightforward and well told.  The last time that will happen in this book.

Suddenly, we’re with Jason Todd/Red Hood in the here and now. He’s just shot The Penguin in the face and is on the run from the law. He’s having a hard time getting away as all his tech keeps failing him, including his building sized invisible building base, hovering over the city about to crash down and crush everyone.

So, this goes on for another 12 pages or so. Then Batman shows up and before we get into the big fight, I’d like to quickly talk the cover of this comic. On the cover, we clearly see Jason Todd as the Red Hood punching Batman in the face. The problem here is that in the comic, this never happens. Jason Todd never lands a single against Batman, rather Batman tears Jason apart, beating the snot out of him. Look, I know it doesn’t matter, but that bugs me when artists put things on the cover that don’t happen in the comic. It annoys the hell out of me.

Anyway, Bizarro shows up and saves Jason taking him back to Artemis and the falling invisible building.In between some running around and stuff, this is where the comic turns around for me. The moments and the dialogue between these characters shine.

Everything around these beats is predictable, superfluous and ridiculous. I didn’t by the kiss moment between Jason and Artemis, but their dialogue surrounding it felt real and got to me.

Too bad, there’s more pointless action to be had.  So Bizarro and Artemis sacrifice themselves, sorta, in order to save the building form hitting everyone by sucking the entire structure into a black hole, the explanation for why they had to go with it was comic-book nonsense. Batman, who apparently is well known for standing around not doing anything while partially invisible building fall from the sky, is watching all this, waiting for Jason Todd. He resumes the ass kicking and once again, Jason Todd never lands a punch. thankfully, Arsenal shows up to save him.