Castle Rock: S1, Ep2 “Habeas Corpus” 25 Jul. 2018                Directed by Michael Uppendahl     Writing by Sam Shaw & Dustin Thomason

Unfortunately, the beginning of this episode almost made me walk away from the series. We quickly find out that The Kid is still in lock up and the murders were just a hallucination by Zalewski. Yep, a huge cop out- I was pissed too. Regardless, I’m glad I stuck with the show, cause it gets better!

The old Warden narrates a flashback about how the town effects people. He was almost killed in a football game, but survived- meanwhile, his brother, the teams mascot jumps off the roof of the school committing suicide in the mascot outfit. Later, we see the old warden building the cage he would keep The Kid in, thanking God for his mission.

Henry visits the old warden’s house, once the old warden’s wife (Frances Conroy) figures out who he is, she kicks him out and he goes to his dad’s old church. A youthful pastor looking to recruit Henry to his program for helping inmates now runs the church. At a restaurant in town, Alan Pangborn tells the Warden not keep the boy in the box. The warden’s lackey puts the kid in a small cell with a white supremacist, the assumption being the white supremacist will kill him.

The show shifts focus to Molly Strand for a bit, as we see in the past she was Henry’s neighbor and had a major crush on him that boarders (or leaps over into) obsession. The night he disappeared she watches him get into a car with his dd and drive off. Back in the now, she has lunch with her sister, confessing that she uses the pills she buys from the kids to keep the voices out because she is psychic. She wants to use her parent’s inheritance to revitalize the town through real estate development. He sister said no to signing loan papers, but Molly signed them, forging her sister’s signature.

At yet, another bar, Henry meets a young girl named Jackie (Jane Levy) who is fascinated with him and his legendary status.

Later, Henry makes contact with Zalewski. In another flashback, we see Molly under the covers shivering as officers ask her if she knows anything about Henry’s disappearance.

At the jail, a guard finds the body of the kid’s roommate, the white supremacist dead. An autopsy reveals he is riddled with cancer. Henry sneaks into the jail through the pastor’s group. Just as Henry is leaving a mysterious hand shoves the kid outside near Henry. Henry sees this, takes pictures and asks the kid if he wants him to be his lawyer. Guards grab the kid and drag him back into the jail.

At night, we see Alan, reading a note from the old Warden, there’s a passing of the torch feel to the note.