If Halloween producer, Malek Akkad gets his wish he will. In a very “inside baseball” move, long time Halloween producer, Malek Akkad would LOVE for William Shatner to face “himself” in an upcoming Halloween film.

If you’re wondering what in the world I am talking about, a little fun fact. The white mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise is a heavily-modified Captain Kirk mask. Now, you’ll never unsee it. You’re welcome.

Back in 1978, while looking for inspiration as to what this mysterious mask man was going to looking like for the original John Carpenter Halloween film, the production crew snagged a mask for less than $2 at a magic shop on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. The mods created the iconic face of Michael Myers and the rest is franchise history.

Knowing the dreams of Akkad, Halloween Movies spoke to the producer during the shooting of the upcoming David Gordon Green film asking if Shatner had ever contacted them about the mask:

“Not to me directly, and from what I hear he doesn’t really acknowledge it. I think he makes light of it. We actually have one of the original impressions of Shatner in our office in L.A., so obviously we’re really grateful to him, and in certain ways we’ve tried to reach out to him (to) maybe do an appearance? Lord knows he’s busy enough with Star Trek stuff…but you never know.”

According to Akkad, the upcoming Halloween film is supposed to be the end of an era, bookending the franchise finishing the story. And at this point, the dream cameo is NOT happening for the upcoming Halloween film, but it wouldn’t be the first TOP SECRET cameo to cross the big screen. Cross all the fingers! Here’s hoping!