Power Morphicon is coming soon, and the official pins for the con were revealed.

There will be 16 pins for con attendees to collect throughout the entire con weekend and this year’s set primarily has pins to celebrate the upcoming season, Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Among the pins being given out at random, Lord Drakkon’s coin and helmet are 2 of them and there will also be pins of the Red, Blue, and Yellow Beast Morpher helmets. There’s also going to be pins of both the Blue Ranger’s Beast Bot and the Yellow Ranger’s Beast Bot.

To get the rest of the pins, fans will have to attend special events.

For the Yellow Beast Bot, it will only be available at Alyson Sullivan’s booth, while the Red Ranger’s Beast Bot will be available at Cora Natural’s booth and a 100 of each of these pins are being made.

The Japanese PMC logo pin is going to be available at the Gold Ranger Breakfast, and the Lord Drakkon coin pin is going to be available for con guests staying at the Hilton in Anaheim.

The Kakuranger and Dairanger logo pins will be available from the actors of the shows, and the Lord Zedd pin will be available at a booth, which is to be determined and 50% of the proceeds will be going to the Robert Axelrod Benefit. There is a special pin that will be given out at a surprise location.

Source: Power Rangers NOW