I have heard a lot of people getting upset that they are bringing back all the old characters just to kill them off.  Well, let’s face it.  It has been that long since the originals.  If the Sequels were done say 2008, then we could expect to see them being the focus of the trilogy instead of passing off their batons to the next generation.  The cast is simply getting too old.  Today we received yet another sad reminder of this.  Jeremy Bulloch posted on the Bobafettfanclub.com website that he would be retiring.

The great Boba Fett has retired.  While Joonas Suotamo proved legacies, especially those behind masks can be carried on, there is always something special about the actor who first creates the role.  A good casein point is Peter Mayhew.  Anyone could have picked up Chewie’s fur and continued on, especially given how immobile Peter is these days.  Nope.  It had to be Peter donning the mask once more in The Force Awakens.

Jeremy brought the original Boba to life in 1980.  There was always something in his movements that were hard for others to duplicate.  He brought a menace to the role that fans loved.  Jeremy said he tried to base the image off of Clint Eastwood.  He also had this to say at the time:

“I think the secret to playing Boba Fett – if you can say I played (him) – is the less you do, the better.”

When Bulloch returned in 1983 for Return of the Jedi, he was happy to come back, but he did not know Boba’s fate at the time.  He came to accept it and thought it added to the character. For those of you who thought Fett flirting with dancers just didn’t seem like Fett, well you are part right.  That was Don Bies, hence the lack of menace.

Jeremy would go on to tour conventions and Cons around the world.  He even stopped at a small shop, like a comic store in Omaha, Nebraska.  I had a chance to meet with him.  He was a cool guy and had some great stories to tell, but sadly it now looks like his days of fan service are over.  At age 73, I think we can safely say he has served the fan base well and will be missed at future conventions.