CBS’s sci-fi hit Star Trek: Discovery is entering its second season next year.  Mary Wiseman plays Cadet Sylvia Tilly, the emotional heart of the Discovery crew.  At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con she talked about her character’s role in the series and moving forward in season 2.

Captain Killy

Toward the end of the first season, Discovery ends up in an alternate reality.  To fool their enemies, Cadet Tilly has to portray Discovery’s alternate-reality captain, a brutal and angry tyrant.

When asked about getting to play a captain and how that is going to affect Tilly, and her role in Starfleeet, next season, Wiseman said, “Right. Well, I think her goal is still to become Captain. It’s her ambition. For it is to her, what being an actor was for me. Which is a lifelong goal and a dream that you’re constantly building towards… And so, she’s definitely going to pursue that and within that… how that sort of connects to her personal life is going to become more and more complicated and difficult. Which is actually pretty fun for me as an actor.”

Pushing Tilly

Tilly starts the series as a happy-go-lucky cadet.  Playing a hard-ass captain pushed her out of her comfort zone.  When addressing the changes to the character, Wiseman said, “Well, it taught me a lot about her. It taught me that she had that in her and… Well maybe being perky and silly and weird is more of a comfortable place for me. And being an authority figure and someone who is strong and kind of fearless is something I can do.  But maybe a little more scary.”

“That journey is very much like Tilly’s journey, even having to portray Killy. And so, we really  met up at that point, actor in character, and it’s really informed who she is.  She can be strong, really strong. And I think we see that in the first episode she ever did and Episode three, the first season. When she set her sights on the Klingon, I think that that’s going to become more and more a part of her identity. She’s going to let that in more and more. And that’s fun for me as an actor because it has a nice balance.”

Mary Wiseman Before Star Trek

Before Mary Wiseman joined the crew of Discovery, she was best known for appearing on A&E’s Longmire as Meg Joyce, a nurse and love interest for the character Archie “The Ferg” Ferguson.  Wiseman was also on FX’s Baskets, a comedy series starring Zack Galifianakis, as Trinity.

Star Trek: Discovery’s 13-episode second season hits CBS All Access sometime in January 2019.