Even since Avengers: Infinity War had hit theaters, so many fans have had questions about the film. While Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have tried their best to answer as many questions about it as they could, but there are some lingering questions that need to be answered.

Thanks to a Vudu viewing party, the Russo Brothers were able to answer some fan questions.

One of the many questions that got asked was if the Red Skull, who is the banished Hydra leader, would be able to leave Volmir and obtain an Infinity Stone. The directors responded with,”Red Skull is free to leave Vormir, and he is also free to pursue his desire for an Infinity Stone.”

Now, this doesn’t confirm that he will be a villain in future MCU films, but it does leave the door open for him to make an appearance in a future MCU film.

Following that, another fan was wondering if someone else would be able to wield Stormbreaker, and the Russos answered with,”Mjolnir requires worthiness, not Stormbreaker.” They also made a post to mention that are “are few people as strong or stronger than Thor.