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Great writers and creators have a wealth of ideas and visions to draw from.  George Lucas had many ideas for where the Star Wars saga would go before coming to his final vision.  Many of his ideas and various designers ideas, like Ralph McQuarrie’s drawings, would resurface and inspire new characters and looks. Dave Filoni is the same way.  At Comic-Con, Dave talked about some of his early ideas for Clone Wars and how they would lead to Rebels later.

“That was something that when I was working early on with Henry Gilroy, we were trying to figure out what the character makeup of the show was going to be and how we could produce a TV series based in the time of the Clone Wars because the Clone Wars is so vast and would require literally thousands of clones battling thousands of battle droids, and so we were shooting around more of an original trilogy idea of a crew, two Jedi that worked with these smugglers and black market,” Filoni shared at San Diego Comic-Con. “And we were coming up with a character makeup. Frankly, that character makeup is very similar to what we ended up with in Rebels. It just goes to show you that those ideas don’t really die.”

Dave expanded on this and told  how he went from the “Rebels” version to the final version we saw in the actual Clone Wars series.

When we took this idea in to George, he looked at me, he was like ‘Mmm.’ So Anakin Skywalker is going to be doing this and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s going to be doing this, and we just never presumed that we would be working with those characters,” the producer recalled. “Because my idea was who am I to write Anakin Skywalker? That’s a hugely important character. But George was like, ‘Well, I’m going to teach you all about this.’ And he did. So we wound up with the show we did under his direction.

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It’s testimony like this that has cements Dave as the “heir apparent” to Master George.  His Clone Wars designs were so closely guided by Lucas that Dave can create new shows to carry on what George started.  Not only that I can’t see Lucasfilm ever retiring Dave before he is ready to quit, so as long as he has more ideas coming, he will continue to get shows.  Many hope he will one day get his own live action streaming show or movie.

Star Wars Resistance starts in few months on Disney XD with its new anime style.