Back in March, it was announced that Renegade Game Studio was working on a Power Ranger Tabletop Game and this morning, the game was finally announced. It is called Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid, and it is releasing Spring 2019.

The game was designed by infamous game designer Jonathan Ying, with the art being designed by Dan Morta from BOOM! Studios Might Morphin Power Rangers comic book. Players will be saving Angel Grove from Rita Repulsa and some of the series most famous villains including The Pumpkin Rapper, Pudgy Pig, and Madam Woe, and you can check out some images of a few of the figures, including Rita, The Puddy Patrol, and Kimberly the Pink Ranger.


Each game session is set to last about 45 minutes to an hour but the game doesn’t stop there. There will be a Shattered Grid expansion pack that is going to see Lord Drakkon rising up with an army, threatening the existence of the Morphing Grid. Some of the characters included in the expansion pack will be the Ranger Slayer, Lord Drakkon, and the Black Dragon. Some of the artwork for the expansion has been released, and you can check it out below.


The game is releasing sometime Spring 2019, but fans can get a first look at the game in 2 weeks At Power Morphicon. Renegade Game Studios will be having a booth at the con, and fans can stop by it, and they will be able to learn how the game works.

Source: Power Rangers NOW