Now that we are into August, there are a whole lot of new LEGO sets hitting stores. Some of the sets include James Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even Aquaman. However, there is a new set getting released, and if you remember the BB-8 LEGO set from last year, this is similar to it.

It does come in the same style that the BB-8 set did when that was released last year. It has a UCS-style faceplate, and a mini figure of the Porg. There is also a mechanism that lets you open the mouth, along with a level of detailing that looks pretty cool.

Because this was leaked by a retailer in Ukraine and not announced by LEGO themselves, we don’t know much about the smaller details on the set. For those that are going to be getting it and live in Ukraine, they will have to pay €70, and once released here in America it could cost between $80 and $90.

The set is very cool, and hopefully, it will be released in the coming months.

Source: Gizmodo