Star Wars movies have always loved heart stopping moments.  Vader dismantling Luke on Bespin, the Emperor frying Luke on the Deathstar, Being hunted in the dead of night by fuzzy little bears you cant see in Battlefront 2!

This October, IDW Publishing is going to release a run of 5 comics called Star Wars Adventures: Tales From Vader’s Castle.  Writer Cavan Scott had the following to say from San Diego Comicon this past weekend:

“I’ve always loved scary stories, and where better to tell them than the lair of Darth Vader himself?  Being asked to write any Star Wars character is a joy, but tackling the Dark Lord of the Sith?  That’s a childhood dream….or should I say, a nightmare!  Vader terrified me growing up, and I can’t wait to add to the legacy of Star Wars’ main villain, providing frightening new scares for the next generation.”

The odd thing that will make this series more special is the eras it will cover.  While it remains to be seen exactly how interconnected they will be, each issue will cover a different era with different characters.  It will use Obi-Wan and Count Dooku, Hera, Kanan and Chopper, Han and Chewie, and….Ewoks?!  Like tribbles, they keep turning up.

Artist Derek Charm had this to say:

“Since this is a spookier story about these characters stranded on this nightmarish planet, it’s been fun really pushing the horror aspect in the art.  The shadows are heavier, the colors are harsher, and everything as this apocalyptic vibe…like things may not work out for our heroes.”

Mustafar definitely adds to the horror/terror side of storytelling.  Below are the five covers of the coming issues.  Is that a porg coming for Chewie?  Look for these at your local comic shop near October.