A recently query in a Star Wars Facebook group to which I belong got me thinking. The author asked, simply: “who is the most overrated character in the SWU?” Thus far there have been a number of responses all pointing to one character: Boba Fett. As much as I love Fett, and hate to admit it, they may be right.

Based on screen time alone, it seems odd that a character appearing on film for barely eight minutes across two films would garner such a cult-following. According to bobafettfanclub.com, Fett is only on screen in The Empire Strikes Back for a little over six and a half minutes, and speaks a total of less than thirty words. He doesn’t even speak in Return of the Jedi at all. So why the allure with the nearly non-existent bounty hunter?

That question becomes even harder to answer in light of Fett’s on screen action. When we first meet him, Vader is scolding him with implications that Fett disobeyed prior instruction and disintegrated a mark. (This has lead fans to speculate that Fett was the one responsible for the deaths of Owen and Beru Lars, but that’s never been confirmed). Thus, our initial impression about him is that he seemingly can’t follow orders.

Granted, he expertly hid among the Empire’s jettisoned trash to track the Millennium Falcon to Bespin, but that is Fett’s sole accomplishment in the original trilogy. From there, he toils in Jabba the Hutt’s palace, ultimately failing to subdue Luke Skywalker before succumbing to a blind and flailing Han Solo. Fett meets his demise in the belly of the almighty Sarlacc, where he’ll presumably be slowly digested over 1,000 years. And this guy is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy?

Fett’s portrayal in The Clone Wars animated series doesn’t help the character’s cause, either; in it he comes off as a single-minded, reckless and often petulant teenage boy hell bent on revenge.

But… that armor.

I guess sometimes all it takes to be badass is to look badass; that, Fett certainly does.

I, for one, do hope James Mangold’s Boba Fett movie comes to fruition so that we can see the infamous and widely feared bounty hunter as he’s implied to be.