The last week or two the Star Wars rumors have been flying hot and heavy.  Something is happening.  Then it’s not.  Let’s see if we can organize this a bit and I’ll add my thoughts on how likely these rumors are.

Plot Leak. A supposed plot leak came out.  {minor spoiler possible} I won’t go into much detail, but apparently, the Resistance was heading out to the unknown regions to save captives.  Kylo is exterminating force users, which is driving them to Rey.  Supposedly Kylo and Rey are in love, but Rey now has a baby.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about spoilers with this rumor.  Episode 9 has a long way to go to move this war forward.  I fail to see how running to the unknown regions would move anything towards resolution.  Rey and Kylo won’t have anything after the way Rey closed the Falcon’s ramp.  This rumored script also had a great deal of Leia in it.

Likelihood: 0%

Time Jump. Rumor is that there will be a time jump between Episodes 8 and 9.  This is a must.  Between needing to kill off Leia and actually advancing the story past the first few months, there is little doubt that a time jump has to happen.  The only question is are we talking a few months, a couple of years, or 5-7 years?  There is simply too much that has to occur to be able to get any type of conclusion to this trilogy in one movie.

likelihood: 100%

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Lando Returns. Rumor is one of the last major names that has not resurfaced in the movies will return in Episode 9.  Billie Dee Williams done voice work for Rebels but has yet to make it to the big screen.  Rian Johnson said he wanted to use Lando, but there was just no way to work him in that made any sense.  Given the current state of the Resistance, someone with Lando’s connections could be a very big help.  Lando was a great leader as well as a man with connections to nearly anything under the sun.  It would be nice to see Lando back, even if it can’t be with the original trio.

Likelihood: 56%

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    Finn and Rey Together. Rumor is saying that for episode 9 Finn and Rey will be together.  While John Boyega said at Awesome Con 2018, “OMG we’re together again,”  That leaves a lot open to debate.  The Jedi journey generally goes a different path than the rest of the group, but with the time jump, anything is possible.  Not everything has to be about dating.  The minute any two actors so much as look at each other on screen, fans come up with all sorts of pairing options.  It is not always needed.  People can just be dear friends.

The Finn/Rey team up would not necessarily be bad, but it does cause a few issues.   If Finn is now Rey’s copilot and companion, where does that leave Chewie?  Without being Rey’s copilot is there really a need for a big walking carpet in this film?  The second would be Rose.  If Finn is not with Rose, what is Rose’s purpose in Episode 9? Reports are she will be back, but given how hated she is, do you include her if she isn’t with Finn?

Likelihood: 25%

    A New Character Named Mara. In episode 9 I would really like to see Billie Lourd’s character Lt Connix have a bigger role, but of course, new blood is needed.  There is a casting call going out for a female 40-50 years of age and the attached name is Mara.  Fans will immediately recall Mara Jade, Luke’s wife.  There are a great many characters that need to be added, especially given the entire command structure has been wiped out.  This Mara could be absolutely anyone, but then why use that name?  Well, I guess we can be glad they didn’t use the name, Martha.

Likelihood: 45%

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Ghosts. I do not think this movie is going to be a wrap-up movie-like episodes 3 and 6 were, so I do not think we will get some happy ending where all three ghosts are gathered together in harmony.  But what of the ghosts.  Who will we see if any?

Luke is the obvious choice to return.  He can guide Rey as she grows in the force and leads the Jedi.  Even though it would be in ghost form, perhaps this would be the chance to get the wise master Skywalker that many wanted in episode 8.  What I think would be cool, but I do not think would be possible would be to have Luke’s ghost torment and harass Kylo throughout the movie.  Given Hamill’s Joker background, I think there could be some great scenes between Kylo and Luke.

Yoda again is possible.  The problem is that Yoda was always attached to Luke. Yoda doesn’t mean anything to Rey, but it would still be good to see Yoda in the form once more.  He has been used once, which I think increases the likelihood they could use him again.

And finally, we have Ben Kenobi.  We have been waiting for him to resurface since Force Awakens.  JJ perhaps meant for him to come back, but it has not happened.  I do not want to see Kenobi come back unless he imparts some wisdom to Rey that would then tie back to his own movie that would be coming out.  If it’s not for a tie to his own movie then he really has no use here other than fan service.

Likelihood Luke: 90%

Likelihood Yoda: 45%

Likelihood Kenobi: 10%

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   Kenobi Movie.  This one is pretty much up in the air as to the future.  As of right now, it appears to be on hold.  Given the uncertain future of the movies, I do sadly think that the most likely place for this to show up is the streaming service.  Unless ep9 and Rian’s first film are raging successes, I do not foresee the Star Wars universe taking off again with enough steam to fit Kenobi into the big screen rotation.  Its budget would also line up nicely for what they would want for their streaming service.

Likelihood Streaming service: 58%  Big Screen: 15%

Future Movie Releases. Apparently, Rian’s movies are next up.  But we really do not know what the movie rotation will be like.  Can Rian hit 2020 for a release date, or is 2020 a year without a Star Wars movie?  The decision will have to be made before the release, so will Rian’s movies be 2020, 21, 22 or every other year?  If it’s every other year do the stand-alone titles get their spots back, does it go to Benioff and Weiss, or would something like Avatar sneak in between Star Wars years?  For this one, we shall have to wait and see.