There two types of books; Those you must read – Those you must skip.  Those you that are refreshing – Those that are stale.  Experiences you never had – Books that repeat everything you knew.  There are books that are simple and those that are a bit more complicated.  The Last Jedi covers all of these, somme more than others.

When it comes to movie to book translations, there are essentially three types; Those that are exact copies of scripts, those that are unique and add a new layer and depth to the movie and its characters, and finally the book that is a bit of both.  The Last Jedi falls into this last category.

After finishing TLJ, I didn’t quite have the feeling that this was a shallow, exact translation of the script.  Return of the Jedi is a perfect example of this.  If you read RotJ, you might as well start the movie and follow along like a child’s read-a-long book.  It’s verbatim and adds nothing.  Jason Fry did a good job of adding little bits here and there that helped it feel at least slightly different.

However, what Fry did not do was to give the book its own unique feel and voice.  Two great examples of this are Rogue One and Revenge of the Sith.  Both of these books went beyond the movies and added a great deal to the overall story.  Revenge of the Sith gave a lot of what people were thinking and how the force was being used.  That scene where Sidious inexplicably dispatched 3 out of 4 Jedi in 20 seconds.  The book explains how this was possible.  In Rogue One Alexander Freed told the story we saw on the screen, but he spent so much time in the heads of the characters, we were really able to tap into their thoughts and emotions.

The last Jedi is a well written book.  It just doesn’t add a whole lot to the movie.  There are little snippets here and there where we get a thought from a character or a bit extra to a scene that helps add a bit of depth, but these are few and far between, adding small meaning.

Is the Last Jedi worth reading, assuming you aren’t in hate mode?  Up to you really.  It is not a bad read, just do not expect it to add a lot to the narrative.