I think we have all seen YouTube videos where swords are reanimated as lightsabers and sound effects are added.  The Princess Bride has one of the best sword fights in movie history, yet how much cooler is it when Wesley and Montoya are wielding lightsabers instead?  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has a great martial arts scene between Yu Shun Lien and Jen Yu.  How could you film it be any better?  Add lightsabers of course!  And of course when Requiem For a Dream came out, many people did Lightsaber fights choreographed to its music.  No matter how cool something is, it can always be enhanced by adding Star Wars.  Here are my top 10 movies, songs and books that I would love to see remade with the star wars flare.


I sure some of you are going what the frak.  I don’t necessarily mean a sailor sailing the Kaminoan seas hunting the elusive white aiwha.  Moby Dick is first and foremost a tale of vengeance and what it can do when a person loses control to the idea of revenge.  A jedi would work best for this idea I think, but you really could do it with anyone in Star Wars.