Even with all the hate and trolling that SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY has received, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. One of the many things that I loved about the film were all the hidden easter eggs scattered through out the film. From mentions from The Clone Wars series to the Fertility idol from Raiders Of The Lost Ark sitting on Dryden Vos’s table in his office, this film was chalk full of amazing little surprises. It was the type of Star Wars film where you didn’t want to blink for fear that you would miss something important. There was one major cameo at the end f the film that still has everyone talking, but if you blinked in the the first act of the film then you missed one little cameo in particular.

Sure we’ve had Daniel Craig, Kevin Smith, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and even the Royal princes cameo in the film so it’s not crazy to have a celeb trying to get in on the Star Wars wealth. Now we’ve already had a couple of Game of Thrones actors cameo in Star Wars films, but did you know Emilia Clarke was not the only GOT star to cameo in SOLO? In the first act of the film a pair of Corellian hounds chase after Han and Qi’ra, and today we found out that one of the hounds was one of the famous Dire Wolfs from Winterfell. The hound in question is none other than Nymeria, who’s Arya Stark’s wolf. It’s good to see the hound can find work especially after next years finale.