The highly anticipated sequel to Pixar’s The Incredibles is finally here.  The film’s director and cast recently spoke at a press conference in Hollywood for The Incredibles 2.  Besides the experience on the film, the cast talked about their interactions with fans.


After talking about the movie and their experiences, the group took questions from the press.  One person asked the cast if kids recognized their voices and come up to them.  Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Frozone, bluntly responded, “Kids don’t do that. Their parents do. And they try to make the kid know who you are. That’s Frozone, honey. He’s looking at you like, you don’t have a blue suit on. You’re not making ice stuff. So, nah (LAUGHTER).”

After the audience stopped laughing, he continued, “Now as they got older, like the kids that are going to be now, the kids were four and saw the movie and now are eighteen. So, they’ve been waiting. They’re knocking little kids over to get in line. And my daughter is thirty-five. She’s knocking big kids over to get in (LAUGHS).”


Then Jackson asked Craig T. Nelson, who plays Mr. Incredible, if he’s had a different experience.  Nelson responded, “It’s embarrassing really. Because the moms or dads are saying look Bill, there’s Mr. Incredible. That’s Mr. Incredible there. And the kid is just staring at you. You don’t look anything like him (LAUGHTER).”

Jackson continues the scene with, “He’s got his thumb in his mouth. Take a picture with Mr. Incredible. This kid doesn’t know who I am (LAUGHTER).”


After more laughter from the audience, new cast member Sophia Bush, who plays young superhero Voyd, chimed in. “One of my best friends told her little daughter Anderson that I was going to be in this movie. And she took a video when she told her thinking she would be like, that’s so cool.”

Bush goes on to explain the child’s real reaction saying, “And she goes, mommy, that’s not true. She goes, no, Andy, really, Sophia is going to be a superhero in the movie. And she goes, mommy, she doesn’t have all the things a superhero needs. She just was not having it. I was like well, okay, ego checked. Got it. Cool. Thanks. (LAUGHTER)”

Kids can still love The Incredibles 2 without knowing these stars helped bring the characters to life.  It’s a film that looks spectacular.  And while the action is amazing, the movie shines with its grounded characters.  The Incredibles go through family problems everyone can recognize.  And the actors bring a huge amount of heart to the characters.  When the kids in the audience grown up they can thank the cast properly.