Now that Hasbro owns Saban’s Power Rangers, so many fans have been wondering if an MMPR Reunion Movie will happen. Well, at least one actor is down for it, and that would be Amy Jo Johnson.

She recently told Metro,”I would love that. I was trying to get them to let me direct one of the episodes when they were in New Zealand. We were slowly getting there but it didn’t pan out, but I would love that. I think that would be amazing.”

Amy Jo isn’t the only one interest in it. David Yost, who was Billy on MMPR and Power Rangers Zeo also expressed interest in the movie.

It would be pretty cool to the get the original gang back together, and the Ranger Fandom have expressed that they want the original gang back together as well. Hopefully, it will happen since Hasbro has said that they are going to be making Power Rangers movies.

Source: Comic Book