I honestly can’t think of much that was wrong with SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with it. Ok let me take that back, I could have done without the first act of the film. After Han joins the empire is great and believe it or not it’s when Ron Howard did all his reshoots. The part I hated the most in that first act was hands down how Han got his name. And it’s actually the most hated scene from numerous other Star Wars fans all over blogs, reddit, pretty much all of social media.

When Han decided to join the Empire, the recruiter asks him what his name is. Han just says Han, he’s from nowhere. So the officer says, Solo, Han Solo. And there you have it. Something so simple yet stupid. Well Solo writer Lawrence Kasdan explained why he did this in an interview this week. He told CinemaBlend: “Five years ago, when I came onto the thing – and Disney wasn’t on when I came on, then three weeks later, they owned the company – and they came up to Marin [California] and Kathy [Kennedy] and got the people who were already working on it to make a five-minute presentation to Bob Iger and Alan Horn and everyone.

“My presentation was, [Han] comes to an immigration spot and someone asks, ‘What’s your name?’

“It’s not just that he doesn’t have a name, which tells you a lot about his history. He says ‘I have no people.’ That to me is so forlorn and so isolating and rife, and the guy fills in his name.

“Bob Iger said ‘Alright, I’m in.’ That was it. That was the moment.”

He added: “He reacted to it the way I reacted to it, which was, it’s very moving.