Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest movie in the world right now, but it’s already time to look to Marvel’s future.  The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to begin filming this July in London.  So, a Reddit user recently posted a bunch of unconfirmed spoilers.

What We Know

Tom Holland and Homecoming’s director, Jon Watts, are returning for the sequel. Also, Marissa Tomei, Zendaya, and Michael Keaton are returning to reprise their roles.  Jake Gyllenhaal is currently in talks to play the Spider-Man villain Mysterio.

Plot Leaks

The Reddit post said the new film will be titled Spider-Man: Field Trip.  Taking place after Avengers 4, Peter and friends will head to London for a conference sponsored by Stark Industries.  Tony Stark himself has passed away, presumably saving the world as Iron Man in Avengers 4.  However, Tony created a groundbreaking invention before he died.  Mysterio will be the master thief and illusionist that steals it.  Thus, Spider-Man and his amazing friends will fight to get it back.  The film will also lay the ground work for a larger threat to appear in later films.