Announced during the Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge panel at Star Wars: Galactic Nights, the name of the village in Galaxy’s Edge will be called Black Spire Outpost. This is going to be the largest settlement on the planet Bakku, and the village will be an infamous stop for traders, adventures, and smugglers traveling across the Outer Rim and Wild Space.

The outpost is off the beaten path, and it has the galaxy’s most colorful- and notorious- characters. The area is widely known for it’s petrified remains of the once towering ancient trees, and the spires now stand guard across the river valleys and plains, and have long captured the imagination of travelers to the planet. For the first settlers, these petrified spires have become more than just landmarks, they became the heart of the outpost themselves. Now there is an artist concept picture, which you can check out below. I’m so excited for Galaxy’s Edge to open next fall at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I can’t wait to explore a new area of the Star Wars Galaxy.

Source: Disney Parks Blog