With Solo getting released just last night, and Episode IX starting to film in July, Star Wars are now looking ahead to the future of the Star Wars Anthology films. We already know that the Boba Fett movie has been confirmed, and so has the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. And an audition tape has surfaced online, and it could be a clue as to who the possible villain for the movie is.

The video shows British actor Adam Templar auditioning for what seems like the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn. And he even went as far as painting his skin blue, and wearing red contacts. You can check out the video below, along with a transcription of the dialog from the video.


Commander Farrow, I fear you worry far too much, let us just apply a little reasoning to our situition. 

If I were Master Shakaar, where would I hide?

We know our Jedi is a man of solitude, nature, peace, comfort in these things he would find. So it is wise to deduce that a location of this sort would be of much interest to him, yes?

Okay, so the 132 worlds in this quadrant we can now narrow that down to a much smaller 28. 

He would also try to avoid the established urban worlds as most of them are now under the command of the Empire. Hmmm..

Nature, peace, hmmm…

Commander, set the coordinates for the penal system we leave here dearly. Oh, and, umm, alert Lord Vader. The noose is tied and set. 

It is time to catch a Jedi.”

Now, it does seem like the material in the audition came from either a Star Wars novel or a Star Wars comic, but it could’ve also been made up for the audition. But in the audition, it definitely seems like Thrawn is, and could be seeking to hunt down a Jedi Master, which could just be a placeholder for all we know. Also, just to note, it does also seem like Thrawn is reporting to Darth Vader. Now depending on when the film takes place, Thrawn could be taking out any remaining Jedi post-Revenge Of The Sith on behalf of the Jedi. But only time will tell, but I’m hoping more information is released soon about this film, because the Kenobi Anthology Film sounds so amazing.

Source: Omega Underground