In Solo: A Star Wars Story, we follow Han Solo from his childhood on the streets to his career as a smuggler. Han has always been portrayed as a lovable rogue, but there is a sinister reality to his carefree choices. Enfys Nest is the rival of Han’s team of thieves and is the real hero of Solo

Who is Enfys Nest?

Enfys Nest is the leader of the Cloud-Riders, a group of bad-ass marauders.  You know they’re bad-ass because they all ride swoops, rocket powered flying motorcycles.  Only the most bad-ass people ride rocket-cycles.  DC Comics resident bad-boy Lobo drives one.  Evil Chaser First Class Mandora from the ThunderCats drives one.  And Harry Potter’s half-giant Rubeus Hagrid drives one.

Enfys Nest is also a master of close-combat.  She wears a battle helmet that intimidates her foes and wields a powered staff perfect for cutting cargo containers or enemies.  Nest easily overpowers veteran criminal Tobias Beckett, Han’s mentor, when the two faced-off.  Enfys Nest and her Cloud-Riders can even hold their own against the ruthless and well-funded crime organization Crimson Dawn.

The Cloud-Riders

At the climactic showdown between Han’s group and the Cloud-Riders, Enfys Nest confesses their true agenda.  All their members are survivors of Crimson Dawn’s brutal criminal tactics.  Entire communities are murdered or mutilated to ensure Crimson Dawn’s supremacy.  Enfys Nest herself is only a teenager who took on the mantle from her mother.  The Cloud-Riders live as space-pirates to ensure the downfall of Crimson Dawn, the Empire, and anyone else subjugating the weak.

Han is the Bad Guy

Han Solo never considered the ramifications of his actions.  He served the Empire for three years and only left because he saw a better opportunity.  In the previous Star Wars Expanded Universe he ran from the Empire because he could not tolerate the enslavement of Chewbacca. In Solo, he uses Chewbacca to escape imprisonment and only brings him along because they’re chained together.

Han joined Beckett’s group and knowingly worked for Crimson Dawn to make fast money and fulfill his goals. When Chewbacca had a chance to free his fellow Wookiees, Han gave words of encouragement but no actual help.  He killed Cloud-Riders when they competed to steal from the Empire.  Only when directly confronted, does Han realize his actions might have unintended consequences.  He does the right thing in the end, but only after a long series of selfish choices.  While Han Solo is the protagonist of Solo, he is most definitely not the hero.